Active Learning Classrooms – Collaboration Lab


Active Learning Classrooms – Collaboration Lab

A new normal of hypercompetitive business expectations, lingering economic realities, and the ever-expanding global community are only a few elements impacting the workplace of the future.  Then add in unique 21st century challenges including new technologies, increased mobility and a younger more technical workforce —and the innovation your organization brings is the difference between thriving, just surviving or worse.

So what questions are your team asking to create work environments to deliver the Centers of Innovation that business leaders are demanding?

CAPTUS SYSTEMS philosophy is that learning at work needs to be included in every interaction of every team and team leader; every day.  Learning begins with a sharing of ideas and today the sharing is no longer with the person seated next to you – it’s with anyone, at any time.  When meaningful, supportable, repeatable tools are made available to people the results include more innovation, higher retainage, team satisfaction, happier clients and higher profits.   

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has been innovating within this critical convergence of learning and work helping to evolve and consistently improve, for our time, the campus learning experience, designing spaces that support preferred methods of learning. That knowledge and process is part of our DNA as designers and engineers of education systems and cultural environments.

We believe that is a great lesson and model for business leaders too.  Aligning the workplace to the environments that our graduates are familiar with means better collaboration and increased productivity bringing the knowledge and values of the twenty-somethings to the fifty-somethings will only benefit everyone. 

For decades the digital “Smart Classroom” included a data projector, screen, computer and the ability to annotate over the computer image. 

Today’s modern learning environment subscribes to the Screen Everywhere approach. Allowing the instructor to push information to the students, for the students to share among themselves and, most importantly, for the students to push information back to other students and to the instructor. Making the modern classroom a truly collaborative experience.

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