LAN Audio Video Switching – Network Video Distribution

This is where IT and AV become one… and the design community has begun to recognize the ramifications are not just to a network.

The impact on design will be profound.  An AV cabinet that may have resided in its own room, has been getting smaller for years and may disappear completely.  Standalone racks are being replaced with network receivers, encoders and decoders residing in specialized AV / IT in-wall boxes.  The AV IDF and IT IDF, already similar, will become indistinguishable from each other.  While the look of the spaces will become more streamlined, the design needs will also shift.  Heat, location and bandwidth become critical.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has the data, tools and experience to help. Our unique understanding incudes the best practices from IT and the unique capabilities in AV.

Now overflow can mean viewing a CEO Town Hall Event in a completely different building in a different state (or country) as a part of the basic system design.

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