Meeting Room Scheduling

Corporations invest billions in conference room build-outs and the technology associated with them. Yet, with all the money spent, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see the complete picture on the RoI as it relates to the technology. Has productivity been improved? Are people using the rooms? Is the technology in the room being used? Are people attending in person? Are they actually “seated” in the room, attending via conference all or not present at all? 

Captus Design Process puts tools in place to provide answers. 

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has effective easy-to-use solutions with real-time data providing the insight. Easy to run reports are one thing but, dashboards and notifications use the power of technology to be more profitable and to make better decisions that bring value to the design process.

With proper planning, putting a conference room together can actually be quite simple, and our Captus Design Process can and will put the tools in place to provide the right answers.  

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has effective, user-friendly solutions with real-time data providing the necessary insight you need to structure your business model. Easy-to-run reports are one thing, but dashboards and notifications use the power of technology to maximize profit and conceive more sensible solutions that bring value and controlled variables  to the design process.

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CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the first Audio Visual Design Company founded to approach Audio Visual Projects from an IT core. We are an Audio-Visual Design and Build Firm that leads with Technology and Delivers with People, High Ethics and Professionalism. We have the expertise to design and deliver AV, IT and Unified Communications Systems anywhere. Welcome to AV2.0. The Captus team includes experts and leaders in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Construction Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate and Administration. Our team has been designing and delivering cost effective Audio