Want to Avoid Unexpected System Outages?

Want to Avoid Unexpected System Outages?

Captus Systems Will Show You How

Easily deploy and manage service & support with the aid of system optimization.

Track & Report Systems Across All Locations

Be Warned BEFORE a System Outage Occurs

Automated System Reporting takes the human factor out of the equation, so there’s less chance of being caught off-guard when the occasional outage occurs.

Monitor Systems Remotely

It’s tedious to manually inspect all devices on site, which is why remote monitoring reduces the time it takes – which in turn, increases confidence in system performance.

Reduce & Eliminate Costly Fixes

Proactive support helps to avoid expensive fixes from happening in the first place.

AV Reporting & Analytics Can Include:

  • Device Monitoring
  • Device Inventory
  • Device Control
  • Remote Access
  • PC Control
  • Remote Support
  • Automated Room Troubleshooting & Self-Checks
  • AV Help Desk

Captus Systems offers remote cloud management tools that monitor AV systems continuously – as well as customized dashboards that show the status of all connected devices.


We provide the technology that maximizes uptime – & gives you peace of mind.

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!