Month: December 2019

Merry EVERYTHING & Happy ALWAYS – To You & Yours!

Holiday Wishes from CAPTUS SYSTEMS – Leading Commercial AV Design, Engineering, & Build Integration Firm And Now for Some Holiday Fun: Can you tell us the “Strong” Significance of the Star Formation pictured above? Submit your answer to Newsletter@Captus and all correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win a Starbucks Gift Card! Good Luck!!! (Winner will be notified by e-mail in January 2020)

Planning Your New Meeting Space(s) for 2020: The “4–Cs”

With 2020 fast approaching, most organizations are well into planning for the year ahead – & some of those plans include new or updated collaboration spaces. Whether they’ll plan Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, or Huddle Spaces – it’s a given that EVERY DAY in business – PEOPLE MEET. Collaboration can take place among those located within the same physical office building, in satellite offices, or across the ocean. Cloud-based meeting products from Cisco Webex, Starleaf, BlueJeans, Skype for Bu

Hut – Hut – Hut! The Corporate Huddle

So – what exactly is a Corporate Huddle? Better known as a Huddle Room or Huddle Space – “It is a small, casual space equipped with collaboration technology, where a limited number of people can meet, (usually up to six), on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.” as defined by Cisco. Looking to optimize your available space? Huddle Rooms have a number of advantages, like lower facilities, electronics, & equipment costs – which combined, lead to an overall smaller carbon footprint for any organization