Year: 2019

Merry EVERYTHING & Happy ALWAYS – To You & Yours!

Holiday Wishes from CAPTUS SYSTEMS – Leading Commercial AV Design, Engineering, & Build Integration Firm And Now for Some Holiday Fun: Can you tell us the “Strong” Significance of the Star Formation pictured above? Submit your answer to Newsletter@Captus and all correct answers will be entered into a drawing to win a Starbucks Gift Card! Good Luck!!! (Winner will be notified by e-mail in January 2020)

Planning Your New Meeting Space(s) for 2020: The “4–Cs”

With 2020 fast approaching, most organizations are well into planning for the year ahead – & some of those plans include new or updated collaboration spaces. Whether they’ll plan Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, or Huddle Spaces – it’s a given that EVERY DAY in business – PEOPLE MEET. Collaboration can take place among those located within the same physical office building, in satellite offices, or across the ocean. Cloud-based meeting products from Cisco Webex, Starleaf, BlueJeans, Skype for Bu

Hut – Hut – Hut! The Corporate Huddle

So – what exactly is a Corporate Huddle? Better known as a Huddle Room or Huddle Space – “It is a small, casual space equipped with collaboration technology, where a limited number of people can meet, (usually up to six), on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.” as defined by Cisco. Looking to optimize your available space? Huddle Rooms have a number of advantages, like lower facilities, electronics, & equipment costs – which combined, lead to an overall smaller carbon footprint for any organization

Shedding Light on Projection Surface Technology

Ambient light is the amount of unwanted light in a room that can negatively affect projection on a screen. In other words – it’s a real nuisance when it comes to optimal viewing of your Audio-Visual presentations. Ambient light can come from various sources – including windows, surface lamps, or overhead lighting – & for that reason, you need a screen with “Ambient Light Rejection” (ALR) technology built right-in. With room design ever-changing in AV Integration, there’s a real requirement for

Adopting a “Gen Z” State-of-Mind…for the Workplace

By 2020, Gen Z-ers (those born between 1995 – 2015) will account for one-third of the U.S. population – & over the next 10 years, these “digital savants” will be taking-over corporate America. As observed by Michael Dimock in a 2018 Pew Research Center report, “Technology, in particular the rapid evolution of how people communicate and interact, is a generation-shaping consideration.” Gen Z’s intimate knowledge of all-things tech will most likely translate into major utilization of most organi

October 2019 AV Show List

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is dedicated to disseminating the most current AV News & Information to our readers. To that end – please enjoy our updated list of upcoming Audio-Visual Conferences & Trade Shows… DX Summit Chicago, IL November 4, 2019 Technology & Business Summit: East Hyattsville, MD November 5, 2019 AVEC 2019: New Orleans, LA November 5 – 7, 2019 https://www.avexecutivecon

I Spy With My Little Eyes…Digital Signage EVERYWHERE!

I Spy With My Little Eyes…Digital Signage EVERYWHERE! The next time you’re in a city, or mall, or airport, or entertainment venue, or corporate building’s lobby – take a look around. Notice anything? More likely than not, you’ll find yourself in the company of bright, colorful, & oft-time behemoth digital signage. Video screens have become today’s “billboards” of choice for all sorts of businesses – & are truly omnipresent in our everyday lives. Movie Theater Display Signage Manufacturers

Climate Change & the AV Industry

The 2019 United Nations’ Climate Action Summit was held at the UN Headquarters in New York City on September 23. The purpose of this summit was to advance climate action for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The very popular sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg made an impassioned appearance at the summit, pleading for help from the “adults in the room.” ( The Audio-Visual industry is doing its part in the fight against climate change

Fashion + AV = Va-Va-Va-VOOM!

Fashion + AV = Va-Va-Va-VOOM!          New York’s Fashion Week for Spring 2020 was held earlier this month & as usual, was a multi-sensory, smashing success! The over-the-top pageantry wowed audiences, fashionistas, buyers, industry leaders, & designers alike. Ever more present in these shows – in addition to the actual garments worn by ethereal models – is the role played by Audio-Visual Technology as an entertaining & off-time crucial cast-member. AV on the Catwalk:  From bright, pixel-ri

CAPTUS SYSTEMS: Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

What’s Important To You Is What’s MOST Important To Us… Exceptional AUDIO quality, crystal-clear VIDEO, EASE OF USE, unparalleled project management, and extraordinary customer service throughout. CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the first Audio-Visual Design Company founded to approach Audio-Visual Projects from an IT core. We are an AV Design & Build Firm that leads with Technology – and Delivers with People, High Ethics, and Professionalism. We have the expertise to design and deliver AV, IT, and Unifi