Month: February 2020

The ABCs of A-V FAQs

The ABCs of A-V FAQs Every industry has its own version of FAQs – & the Audio-Visual biz is no exception. Whether your organization is considering building a new – or upgrading a dated – Conference Room, Huddle Space, or Auditorium AV System – we’re sure you’ve got questions…& CAPTUS SYSTEMS has answers! FAQs to Consider When Planning Your Next AV Collaboration Space Project What is Audio-Visual Integration? Audio Visual Integration is the combining & incorporating of the followi

Stumping for CAPTUS SYSTEMS…

Artist – Joe Everson With 2020 Presidential Campaigning in full swing, this year’s Presidents’ Day has extra-special meaning. And just like the gentlemen pictured above – CAPTUS SYSTEMS is a proven leader…in the AV Industry, that is! We are extremely proud of the differentiators that make-up the very cornerstone of our mission & commitment to our customers. What makes us different? Our Team. Our Process. Our Clients. Our Approach. Our Promise. We are through & through an AV Company – offerin

2020 Tech Trends – Condensed

The 2020s are truly shaping-up to be the decade of infinite possibilities in Audio-Visual Technology. In January, we posted an in-depth article about some of the top 2020 AV Tech Trends as predicted by experts whom we interviewed from various industry sectors. These authorities included Architects, General Contractors, AV Integrators, End-Users, & Manufacturers. Together, these trends will affect the processes & technology of the Audio-Visual industry, & impact the design & build of conference r

Superbowl & SUPER Screens

Super Bowl 54 has come & gone…how did your team do? Hope you didn’t over-do with chicken wings & chili! This annual behemoth event conjures-up things very specific to the match-up, including outrageous commercials, a half-time show, & of course – VERY IMPRESSIVE video screens! As we are all quite aware, video monitor technology has had meteoric improvement since the early days of Superbowl #1 in 1967 in Los Angeles – & continues to improve with each passing year. From the big, bulky “furniture