Design & Consulting

Design & Consulting

Work with Leading AV System Engineers to Conceptualize & Then Deliver a Perfectly Designed Space

With over 125 cumulative years of experience, our team of system engineers & consultants will provide expertise for your AV strategy.

Don’t Jump-in to Product Setup Without a Project Strategy

Lack of Requirement Understanding

Projects that are undertaken without a sufficient understanding of requirements can lead to rework, cost issues, & dead ends as problems arise.

Poor Project Documentation

A lack of detailed documentation can leave technicians making best guesses about system integration and maintenance. This can cause additional cost & poor functionality.

AV Expectations Are Not Met

Without intelligent design and engineering, AV products almost never live up to their full potential. Workplace performance suffers.

The Captus Design Process Includes:

  • Our in-house engineering Team
  • A dedicated system engineer
  • Consultation & understanding of requirements
  • Expedited service
  • On-time RFI responses & submittals
  • Detailed PDF & .dwg documentation & drawings
  • Expert project management
  • Executive overview
  • Multiple vertical expertise

Whether working on a multi-room/multi-floor new construction, or a single-space retrofit – our design & engineering team utilizes a design process that commences with asking questions & listening to the answers. We approach every project from a platform-neutral, vendor-agnostic approach – addressing all of the requirements, so that the AV scope meets expectations across the enterprise.


The Captus Design Process© (CDP) means that Facilities, IT, Business Units, & Finance get the ideal solutions that meet everyone’s expectations. We believe that many of the systems we design & deliver today will still be in used in the year 2030. We plan resilience into all our designs!

Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!

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