Video Conferencing

Video conferencing systems can include:

  • Trackable cameras so people are seen as they speak
  • Large displays placed in the best location for optimal viewing.
  • DANTE enabled microphones so everyone is heard clearly.
  • Seamless control and automation customized for your organization.
  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP), control system automation, and custom programming
  • Service and support

Implement a stunning video conferencing system that makes collaboration seamless.

Our video conferencing equipment enables remote and on-site teams to easily work and collaborate like they are in the same space.

Don’t settle for the status quo on a video conferencing system.

We provide a better solution.

We understand pains and correct them using engineering, equipment, software, and processes. Whether the use-case is daily scheduled video calls, ad hoc video communication, or hosting webinars from one endpoint to many, we can ensure the experience is flawless, not frustrating.

Say Goodbye To...

  • Proor Audio Quality
  • Comlicated Interfaces
  • Lack of Security

Connect faster. Engage more deeply with ClickShare

ClickShare wireless conferencing systems have completely changed the way we meet. ClickShare made presentations and meetings less frustrating, more efficient, and more fun. You can collaborate seamlessly with all the participants and enjoy a whole new level of comfort and productivity.

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A Comprehensive Suite of Digital AV Services. Digital AV Services.

Proven expertise across the gamut of your AV technology needs enables Captus Systems to integrate products and processes more efficiently and effectively than you ever imagined.

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