The Green New Deal

Green is in the news a lot lately – especially with the recent introduction of “The Green New Deal” to Congress, by NY’s Junior Senator, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Senator has taken-on this platform because of her firm belief that climate change is the “single biggest national security threat for the U.S. & the single biggest threat to worldwide industrialized civilization.” Although met with some opposition, Ocasio-Cortez’s plan really does mean well. It calls for eventually meeting 100% of

The Greening of Technology

With March upon us, the color green immediately comes to mind. Is it because we’re yearning for the gray of Winter to melt away to expose the promise of fresh, new grass? Maybe it’s because the official start of Spring is later this month – or possibly – it’s because of that fun & frenzied holiday that many of us celebrate on the 17th. No matter the reason, it got us thinking about how technology is trending greener to meet the growing demand of the environmentalists & concerned citizens of the

2019 AV Collaborations: Lightware, Cisco, & LG

On January 22, 2019, Lightware held a Technology Summit in New York City to introduce a collaboration between Cisco, Lightware, & LG. First, a little background:  Lightware – the “Visual Engineering” company which specializes in High Fidelity Signal Management – had humble beginnings in 1998. Starting with just two electrical engineers who maintained, serviced, & then rented-out projectors – Lightware has grown into the industry pioneer that we know today. In 2006, Lightware introduced the firs

George, Abe, & Sviatovid – Innovators & Innovation

Just as George Washington & Abraham Lincoln were among the most brilliant thinkers & innovators of their time, so too are the talented men & women who are the inventors, conceivers, creators, & designers of today. At this particular moment in history – the newest, fastest, brightest, & most dazzling technology known to mankind comes at us at the speed of light – & the Audio-Visual sector is no exception. Regarding this very topic, the 2019 ISE has now come & gone…& with it, came introductions t

Connecting Over AV Adoration

Hollywood has rolled-out its 2019 Red Carpet to showcase its best & brightest, & the Audio-Visual Industry is doing the same as this year’s Trade Shows go into full-swing – & continue throughout the year. These gatherings bring together the industry’s most talented engineers, designers, & integrators – alongside 2019’s leading state-of-the-art technology. For your convenience, following is a list of many of the 2019 AV trade shows, conferences, & conventions. It’s time to roll-out the Audio-Visu

2019 Mergers, Acquisitions, & Collaborations: Love is In The Air!

February is the perfect month to talk about collaborations…especially in the Audio-Visual Industry, which brings-about some love-connections of our own. Here are just a few… Biamp & Cambridge Sound Management (CSM):  CSM – a leader in direct & in-plenum sound-masking solutions – with 50-percent market share in this sector – has been acquired by audio & video giant, Biamp. In a story about this transaction in rAVe Pubs – Biamp’s President, CEO, & co-Chairman, Rashid Skaf said “The acquisition

2019 Tech Trends: FLEX-ibility & Innovation from Crestron

Sleek, smart, simple, stunning, solutions…these are just a few ways to describe Crestron’s new products for 2019. From innovative – to problem-solving, they’ve got your AV Integration wish-list checked & covered! We at CAPTUS SYSTEMS are proud to partner with Crestron, & are excited to be able to offer these state-of-the-art tools to you. Below is an introduction to some of Crestron’s new products for 2019, that are already generating buzz in the AV industry: Crestron FLEX:  What Crestron its

2019 Workspace Trends…Namaste!

Trends for the workspaces of 2019 & beyond are definitely not all about the work. Read-on to see some of the interesting, fun, & unusual things that organizations are adopting to help keep their people happy, focused, well-rested, & entertained: ABW — (Activity Based Working): More & more, organizations are providing their people with alternative work spaces — both within & outside the parameters of their brick & mortar office buildings. Top companies like Microsoft & Deloitte are using ABW spa

Happy 2019! What’s New on the AV Horizon?

The AV experts have spoken! Here are some of the trends that are at the top of the list for 2019 which we, at CAPTUS SYSTEMS, are following: AV-Over-IP (Audio Visual Over Internet Protocol):  The transmission of audio-visual data over the internet is slowly but surely replacing traditional AV infrastructures. As the more advanced content of today’s 21st-century digital presentations become more & more prevalent, AV-over-IP solutions are an easy way to give audiences more engaging content. Full

Users = People

Video conferencing is now the standard for corporate communication, and is utilized more and more every day to help corporate teams & their clients maintain the most effective communication possible – no matter where in the world the meeting participants are based.  With today’s advanced Video Conference and Audio-Visual Technology, remote client/partner meetings have become seamless, providing a truly modern 21st century experience. The increasing challenge now for those charged with making th