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Technology Enabled Safety Products

Captus Systems has created a new category of products called “Technology Enabled Safety Products: Digital Tools that provide Information to Maintain Healthy Work Spaces for People.” We will continue to post relevant information that will include videos, product features, and specifications & use-cases, to help our clients to make informed decisions during uncertain times. Please check-out our Video Introduction to the Tauri Temperature-Check Tablets. And please, continue to follow all of our Social Media pages to be kept up-to-date & informed. Thank you, & Stay Healthy and Safe! Thank you to Advanced Interactive Technology for this Video Production

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center: Problem Solved Captus Systems is a leading Audio-Visual Design & Integration Company, unique in its approach to AV - from an I.T. core. We provide state-of-the-art results for all of our clients, many of which meet the requirements for Standard Application Modalities. S.A.M. is an acronym for Standard Application Modalities - the uniform processes that should be adopted to make the technology we all use more accessible, & easy to operate. In this MEET SAM overview, we cover how Captus Systems used Lightware to solve the problem that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center had with their video meeting rooms. Problem: Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center did not have enough content inputs on their Cisco Webex Teams codec. They wanted to use the existing Cisco infrastructure in a simple, easy-to-use, cost-effective way, allowing for their people to operate these rooms hassle-free. Sam Palmucci - Manager, Video Design & Engineering for MSKCC Solution: Enter the Captus Systems/Lightware/Cisco Solution. With the multiple-content input capabilities of the Lightware framework, Captus Systems was able to bring all of the inputs MSKCC needed, directly to the Cisco Touch 10. This eliminated the need for a matrix switcher & programming. Jason Tirado – President, Lightware Nicholas Foresta – System Consulting Engineer for Captus Systems Additionally, it… Reduced the overall cost of the rooms considerably Allowed for faster deployments Created a much shorter build time Ultimately, this provided MSKCC with the resources to put-in more video rooms. Everything their staff needs is now at their fingertips…right there on the Touch 10. What Makes This a S.A.M.? An effective S.A.M. connects everything & eliminates complexity. The MSKCC solution was easily & cost-effectively delivered to multiple rooms. Lightware’s open API is what attracted Captus Systems. Clients have their needs, their recommendations, & their questions; MSKCC Goals… Reduce equipment Remove programming Create faster deployment Bring-down cost Increase stability That’s exactly what was accomplished…& that is the true essence of a S.A.M. Standards effectively become templates within our clients’ organizations. Lightware’s application - within the Cisco environment - is designed to be repeatable & easily deployable. This was the perfect solution for MSKCC. The Proof is in the Pudding: The number of calls to the MSKCC I.T. Help Desk have gone down significantly! The people using these technologies don’t know the particulars of the equipment - & they probably don’t care to know why things work…they just want to touch it & have it operate seamlessly. We can do more with less, using existing infrastructure & equipment. This collaboration puts MSKCC at a point where their Audio-Visual standards are truly STANDARDS…that’s what it’s ALL ABOUT! Captus Systems is proud of the S.A.M. environments at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, & the problems that they solve. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to find more S.A.M. Systems that can do the same for you. If you believe that AV is too costly, too complicated, or too unpredictable to meet the needs of your organization…Captus Systems has the Team to find the perfect solution for you! Yeah. We’ve got that!