Month: November 2018

True Blue

November is World Diabetes month, & famous monuments all over the globe become awash in blue light to draw attention to this cause. (Blue is the representational color for Diabetes Awareness.) With that in mind, it got us thinking about the color blue in general – & more specifically – how it relates to the business world & the tech sector in particular. Did you know that certain colors are proven to draw-out specific feelings & emotions from the observer? Well, it’s true – & this very topic is

Talking Turkey

With the Thanksgiving holiday upon us, so begins a period of reflection, gratitude, and thankfulness. As we gather with family and friends around the turkey, these thoughts run deep among us on a very personal level. But when you think about the other big portion of your life – your work self – do you have any thoughts about gratitude in that arena? Maybe it’s feeling thankful for your co-workers…your “second family.” Or perhaps, you’ve received a new title, promotion, or raise this past year.

Stay put and Join in!

Technology is ubiquitous – it’s all around us! Today, we’re going to talk about the ways in which tech is transforming communication and collaboration for seamless connectivity. Fully Adaptable platforms  Gone are the days of having to travel halfway across the globe for a face-to-face meeting. Fully interoperable platforms are among the most exciting technological advancements in the commercial AV sector. Today, you can use any number or combination of devices to collaborate with people. Th

Keeping up With Collaboration Trends

October 16, 2018 – New York City, NY:  Gerald Abualy, CEO of CAPTUS SYSTEMS, was one of many industry leaders included in this by-invitation-only “Maverick Connect on the Road” event, sponsored by Tech Data. Thank you to Steelcase for the terrific venue, and opportunity to tour their state-of-the-art showroom. The Maverick event featured presentations and opportunities to be hands-on with the industry’s leading manufacturers and technologies. We are always thrilled to participate in meaningfu

The CEO Goes Back to School…

October 30, 2018 – Molloy College, Rockville Centre, NY:  Gerry Abualy, CEO of CAPTUS SYSTEMS, LLC, got a chance to pay it forward. At the request of Professor Steven Kent, PhD, of the Molloy College Business school, Mr. Abualy was asked to speak to a group which included business students who are members of Molloy’s Entrepreneurial Club. The well-attended intimate “Fireside Chat” setting provided the unique opportunity for Professor Kent, Mr. Abualy, and the students to have an in-depth convers