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Captus Systems Design Process (CDP)

The Captus Systems Design Process “CDP” brings unparalleled results to your Audio Visual Technology project. Our non-ego, pragmatic, fact-based, data-driven, approaches drive measurable repeatable outcomes.

The CDP confronts an all too common problem – Expectations not met throughout the design and delivery process.

Captus Systems was founded for just this very moment in a time. The CDP provides lower cost, better results and better documentation.  It is now too important to use anything less than the proven disciplines taken from years of Best Practice in AV and IT and combined into the CDP.

The Captus Systems Design Process is:  Consultation & Understanding of Requirements, Expedited Service, On-Time RFI Responses and Submittals, Detailed Documentation and Drawings, Expert Project Management, Executive Overview, Multiple Vertical Expertise and In-house Engineering Team.  


CAPTUS SYSTEMS provides a team with the knowledge of IT, the understanding of AV, the design sense of a creative team and technology to manage it all.  The Captus Systems management team has over 120 years of combined experience, delivering successful technology solutions and construction projects, with the highest integrity across North America.    

Technology drives innovation.  Lead with Technology – Deliver with People.

Video Walls

Video walls have the power to captivate.  Video Walls can change the mood of a space simply by switching content or configuration.  Their versatility, for example, allows for displaying marketing content in various configurations and then switched to a single full display mode for an executive briefing. 

Video walls are widely used in applications from Command Centers to Reception Lobby’s to Boardrooms.  Video walls have become an important way to differentiate rooms and spaces by integrating technology into a static architectural element; The open wall or floor.

Mounting options, aspect ratio, resolution, serviceability, power and environment include some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the correct solution.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ experience spans the gamut. We have delivered video walls for Command Centers and other 24/7 applications supporting the industry’s highest reliability with up to 60,000 hour mean-time between failures. When something as important as the video wall is deployed in the organization you need the best team ensuring its operability, reliability and sustainability.  CAPTUS SYSTEMS is a leader in video wall technology.

Meeting Room Scheduling

Corporations invest billions in conference room build-outs and the technology associated with them. Yet, with all the money spent, it is difficult, if not impossible, to see the complete picture on the RoI as it relates to the technology. Has productivity been improved? Are people using the rooms? Is the technology in the room being used? Are people attending in person? Are they actually “seated” in the room, attending via conference all or not present at all? 

Captus Systems Design Process puts tools in place to provide answers. 

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has effective easy-to-use solutions with real-time data providing the insight. Easy to run reports are one thing but, dashboards and notifications use the power of technology to be more profitable and to make better decisions that bring value to the design process.

With proper planning, putting a conference room together can actually be quite simple, and our Captus Systems Design Process can and will put the tools in place to provide the right answers.  

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has effective, user-friendly solutions with real-time data providing the necessary insight you need to structure your business model. Easy-to-run reports are one thing, but dashboards and notifications use the power of technology to maximize profit and conceive more sensible solutions that bring value and controlled variables  to the design process.

Sound Masking

Sound masking reduces noise distractions, improves productivity and protects speech privacy.

The modern workplace has a speech privacy problem.  Speech privacy is the inability of an unintended listener to understand outside conversations. A worker with a lack of speech privacy will overhear lots of conversations they shouldn’t.  The majority of office workers (60%) are unhappy with the lack of speech privacy and speech privacy is the number one driver of workplace dissatisfaction.  Speech privacy effects the bottom line.

Trends in the design and architectural communities, that has brought many efficiencies, are also contributing to new challenges faced.  Open floorplan designs have brought workers closer together and have fewer materials (carpets, ceiling tiles and partitions) that block and absorb sound. The increased use of glass and metal improve aesthetic but amplify office noise.

Sound masking is the process of adding an unobtrusive background sound to the environment that raises the spaces ambient noise level.  It is barely noticeable, sounding like the HVAC, specially tuned to make voices less intelligible and therefore less distracting.

A CAPTUS SYSTEMS designed sound masking system will be easy to install & setup, will operate on a schedule, can be managed via a web interface, can be integrated with paging, background music and emergency systems.

Shading Control

We respond emotionally to daylight.  Colors are vivid, surfaces reveal texture and an uplifting quality is associated to any room with an abundance of daylight.

Utilizing daylight saves energy by reducing the need for electric light sources.

Automated shades improve privacy and security either by allowing natural light in with semi-translucent shades or by using blackout shades to completely block views.

Imagine opening or closing an entire wall of window treatments at the touch of a button. Presets can ensure the perfect amount of light is allowed in throughout the day, creating spaces that are always at the appropriate temperature and are as bright as they are needed to be.  These are provided either through a single touch or can be automated via daylight sensors.

Retail Digital Signage, Interactive Media Networks

The retail experience is now an integrated Audio Visual + IT experience.

Examples of this are seen everywhere. Signage kiosks, that shows the latest offering and can also capture email addresses and cell phone numbers.  Background music systems that are centrally maintained can include custom feeds, based on real-time offers, available only at that branch.  Location services that recognize your customers when they enter the store, providing a more customized experience. 

Commercial Signage has many applications like reinforcing a brand, displaying an events calendar, streaming news or welcoming new employees and clients.

Captus Systems believes that digital signs that “dissolve” into the aesthetic have the increased power to captivate by putting the focus on the message, and not the display.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS believes the aesthetic matters.  We help you find the correct technology, so the power of the content can be delivered to appropriate audiences throughout the enterprise and centrally maintained.

LAN Audio Video Switching – Network Video Distribution

This is where IT and AV become one… and the design community has begun to recognize the ramifications are not just to a network.

The impact on design will be profound.  An AV cabinet that may have resided in its own room, has been getting smaller for years and may disappear completely.  Standalone racks are being replaced with network receivers, encoders and decoders residing in specialized AV / IT in-wall boxes.  The AV IDF and IT IDF, already similar, will become indistinguishable from each other.  While the look of the spaces will become more streamlined, the design needs will also shift.  Heat, location and bandwidth become critical.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS has the data, tools and experience to help. Our unique understanding incudes the best practices from IT and the unique capabilities in AV.

Now overflow can mean viewing a CEO Town Hall Event in a completely different building in a different state (or country) as a part of the basic system design.

Now overflow can mean viewing a CEO Town Hall Event in a completely different building in a different state (or country) as a part of the basic system design.

Video Conference Rooms – Audio Conference Rooms

Video Conferencing has become a standard form of corporate communication.  The cost of video conference rooms has been steadily declining and boasts of improved experiences have fallen short of the high expectations. 

Year after year, when users are asked to rate experiences in AV enabled rooms, the experience that has consistently rated poorly is the audio experience; until now.

Better choices being made early in the design process will mitigate many of the factors responsible for expectations not realized.

CAPTUS SYSTEMS video and audio conference room solutions are unique because of their consistent high-quality results.

Hallmarks of a CAPTUS SYSTEMS video + audio conference room are:

  • No visible wires.
  • Perfect camera angles – so meeting participants appear to have a seat at the table.
  • Perfect Audio – everyone on the call can be heard with crystal clarity as if they are in the same room.
  • Ease of operation – calls can be scheduled to connect based upon a calendar invitation.

Whether implementing a standard video codec (using Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize) or a PC based solution (using Skype for Business, ZOOM, Vidyo) or just calling into an audio bridge – every user experience is the same.  

Variables to be considered include, but are not limited to, too many hard surfaces, glass walls, open ceilings, etc.  Specifying the correct camera, installing at an optimal camera height with appropriate pan-tilt-zoom capabilities and specifying correct microphones programmed into latest DSP technology can have an oversized effect on performance and expectation.

Contact CAPTUS SYSTEMS today to ensure that your video conference room will perform as intended and will exceed expectations of all concerned.

Call CAPTUS SYSTEMS to have your Video Conference Room designed for FREE.


Innovations in microphone technology means the future of microphones are a networked device. CAPTUS SYSTEMS believes in the power of the network and now the microphone is becoming a part of the IOT family.

Dante – (Digital Audio Network through Ethernet)

Definition: Dante is a combination of software, hardware and network protocols that deliver uncompressed, multi-channel, low-latency digital audio over a standard ethernet network cable using Layer 3 IP packets.

To CAPTUS SYSTEMS, Dante means microphones can be easily and cost effectively deployed to provide the best user experience available today. 

Ceiling microphones that fit perfectly into a 2×2 tile have the power of over 100 traditional microphones.  When these are combined with algorithms programmed into latest Digital Signal Processors “DSP” the result is a speaker heard in uncompromising perfection. 

While every microphone is not perfect for every space, CAPTUS SYSTEMS will help you select the correct microphone for the room based on all possible variables such as ceiling height, number of persons in the room, wall and floor coverings, etc.

Cisco Collaboration Tools

Cisco Collaboration Tools

Do you work the same way you did 10 years ago?

Think about how the way you work has evolved. Chances are it’s no longer 9 to 5. And it’s not all in one office. Work today requires collaboration and involves teams spread across time zones. Harvard Business Review surveyed business leaders worldwide about how collaboration is changing within their organizations.

say “effective team
communication” has
become more important
over the past two years

are investing in easier-to-use
collaboration solutions.

report that collaboration with
external parties has
increased in importance.

Technology that puts collaboration first

Make work more intuitive with easy-to-use collaboration technology.

WebEx Teams (formerly Cisco Spark)

Unify your voice, video, data, and mobile applications.

WebEx Meetings

With Webex Meetings, joining is easy, audio and video are clear, and screen sharing is easier than ever.

Forget about the technology, focus on what matters.

WebEx Devices

Award-winning room and desktop devices make online collaboration even more lifelike.

Why Cisco & Captus Systems

There are a lot of solutions from which to choose, but there’s only one proven leader. Cisco has twice the share of any competitor in video and web conferencing. And 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using video-enabled Cisco Collaboration solutions.

Read Gartner’s insights, and see how Cisco continues to lead the pack.

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About Captus Systems

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the first Audio Visual Design Company founded to approach Audio Visual Projects from an IT core. We are an Audio-Visual Design & Build Firm that leads with Technology and Delivers with People, High Ethics and Professionalism. We have the expertise to design and deliver AV, IT and Unified Communications Systems anywhere. Welcome to AV2.0. The Captus Systems team includes experts and leaders in Audio Visual, Information Technology, Construction Project Management, Healthcare, Corporate and Administration. Our team has been designing and delivering cost effective Audio