Month: April 2019

From Star Trek to Today’s Tech

Star Trek is one of THE MOST iconic franchises of the Sci-Fi genre to ever consistently excite the zeitgeist over the span of several decades. From the kitschy TV show of the 1960s, to “The Next Generation” series, to feature films, to the current “Star Trek Discovery” TV show – Star Trek has remained in the forefront of American pop culture for almost 60 years. It has often been said that the Star Trek phenom was uncanny in its ability to predict the technology of the future. So, how many of

Our CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ Team…Meet Ross Grantner

???????CAPTUS SYSTEMS welcomes Team Member – Ross Grantner. Ross joins us as a talented Field Engineer, & we are truly fortunate to have him on board! Ross comes to CAPTUS SYSTEMS with years of experience behind him. Starting-off his career as a contractor – installing phone, internet, & cable service – he made the decision early-on to migrate to a more technical role. To that end, Ross joined a small AV company – & after mainly working in the residential sector in the Hamptons for some time –

April 2019 Audio Visual Show List

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is dedicated to disseminating the most current AV news & information available, to our readers. To that end – please enjoy our updated list of the 2019 Audio-Visual Conferences & Trade Shows that are coming-up over the next 4 months. See for yourself – the newest, most advanced, ear & eye-popping AV technology of the year! (Moving forward, we’ll continue to post information about upcoming AV conferences at least once-a-month.) NAB Show:  Las Vegas, NV (April 6 – 11): nabshow.

I’ll Take AV is IT for $1,000

On March 30, 1964, a clever little quiz show called “Jeopardy” made its debut on NBC, & has been beamed into our living rooms ever since. The concept – pitched by creator Merv Griffin – was actually developed by his wife, Julann. It was she who came-up with the unusual format of giving contestants the Answers first – to which they had to respond with the appropriate Questions. As much as television & viewing habits have changed over the years, the game of “Jeopardy” has remained basically the sa

Spring Has Sprung!

It’s finally here! With Spring officially arriving on March 20th – & now, with April 1st upon us – it’s time again to look at what’s new in the AV World. Let’s dust-off the cobwebs of old-man Winter & dive into all things shiny & new. For this April Edition of “What’s New in AV”, we are referencing the Sound & Communications article posted on February 28th, 2019. In this story, the NSCA announced its winners of the 5th annual “Excellence in Product Innovation Awards.” FYI – to be eligible to r