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New Technology for a New World:  Part II
New Technology for a New World: Part II

Keeping us all safe – that’s priority #1. Captus Systems is proud to feature the following Technology Enabled Safety Products, & we will continue to add to this important new category. As the country begins to open-up & folks return to their work environments, health & safety will be at the top of everyone’s list. Thankfully, we are living in a technologically-advanced age, & there are new tools available that will help us to protect one-another. The new protocols that businesses will need to put into place will be aided by state-of-the-art technology. Captus Systems is here to help you navigate through this new reality, with the products & engineering services that will streamline delivery - & enable your teams. Click here for more info 22” Hand Sanitizing Display: Available as a wall-mounted or freestanding display, the 22” Hand Sanitizer Display has been designed to meet your staff & customer’s safety needs. Technical features include a full HD 1080p Display, Easy USB plug & Play Contents, & Upgradeable Android OS Options – all wrapped in modern design, toughened glass, & a waterproof casing. With indicator light signals to let you know the Sanitizer Levels within the unit, this display is easy to use & operate. (You can use the foam or liquid sanitizer of your choice, for the display's reservoir of 5 liters.) Perfect for any location throughout your facility. Click here for more info QuickTemp Tablets – Single View: The QuickTemp Single View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of one person at-a-time, using Human Body Temperature Thermography technology. Ideally deployed on barrier gates or entrances to a building, this technology allows for precise temperature scans from 3-feet away. Performing this non-invasive & quick test will identify potential health risks before a person enters your premises. Click here for more info Tauri Temperature-Check Tablets: This technology provides an extra layer of protection hygienically, as it uses non-touch infrared sensors. These state-of-the-art tablets are able to scan the people entering your facility, from 3 feet away & within 1 - 3 seconds. After scanning, the tablet then sends photo & thermal results e-mail alerts, so an organization can monitor its locations to keep them safe. Tauri Tablets come in 3 sizes – 10.1”, 15.6”, & 21.5” - & can be either mounted on a wall or secured onto a specially-designed stand. Click here for more info QuickTemp Tablets – Wide View (Coming Soon): The QuickTemp Wide View Tablet quickly & accurately scans the body temperature of up to five people simultaneously from a distance of up to 9-feet, using the same Human Body Termperature Thermography technology as the Single View Tablet. This allows you to quickly & precisely scan people in a busy public place or retail entrance to identify potential health risks before they enter the premises. Scanning multiple persons helps to cut-down on bottle-necked foot traffic & to make lines move-along faster. CLICK, E-MAIL, OR CALL FOR AVAILABILITY & PRICING FOR ALL ITEMS LISTED ABOVE THESE PRODUCTS ARE IN HIGH DEMAND! Click here to learn more about our Technology Enabled Safety Products 212-400-1616 . [email protected] New Solutions from BrightSign from Touchless Interactivity: BrightSign has developed a family of new products that can enable touchless interactivity and promote social distancing. They include… BrightLink: Avoid high-touch surfaces. View and control a touch screen display on your mobile devices. BrightMenu: Eliminate the risk of sharing menus by scanning a QR code to view the menu on your phone. BrightVoice: A voice-activated digital signage solution that delivers a unique hands-free interactive experience. BlueFox Count + BrightSign: BlueFox’s foot traffic analytics solution supports a wide range of BrightSign media players. BlueFox Count is able to send real-time alerts when a location surpasses its capacity and trigger signage to display “Please wait outside” messaging until it’s safe to enter. Captus Systems fully recognizes how our new normal is impacting how we interact with one-another, & we are adapting in order to help our staff, customers, partners, & clients by offering our expertise. The world may have changed, but our humanity remains intact. And through taking this journey together, we will all evolve - & maybe, just maybe – we’ll be even more “connected” than ever! Yeah. Together We’ve Got This!

Technology Enabled Safety Products
Technology Enabled Safety Products

Captus Systems has created a new category of products called “Technology Enabled Safety Products: Digital Tools that provide Information to Maintain Healthy Work Spaces for People.” We will continue to post relevant information that will include videos, product features, and specifications & use-cases, to help our clients to make informed decisions during uncertain times. Please check-out our Video Introduction to the Tauri Temperature-Check Tablets. And please, continue to follow all of our Social Media pages to be kept up-to-date & informed. Thank you, & Stay Healthy and Safe! Thank you to Advanced Interactive Technology for this Video Production

Hail to the Moms!
Hail to the Moms!

"Moms are the ‘Essential Workers’ of the soul.” - Faith Salie, CBS Morning Show Yesterday was Mother’s Day, & for millions of us, we honored our Mothers (or were honored) from afar. We paused in our own ways to celebrate the women who have played the most important role in our lives. Throughout history, women have been the caregivers in society, & those responsibilities have grown exponentially of late. During these unprecedented times, there is even more pressure being put on women & moms, who are being tasked to go above & beyond the usual care-giving routines of everyday life. Because of school closures and many of us from home, everyday life is looking very different these days. Kitchen tables have become classrooms & offices, & living rooms are now conference spaces. Whether working remotely or not, the challenges for women at this particular moment in history have increased substantially…balancing jobs, caring for children & helping them with home-schooling - on top of still having to take care of many day-to-day household tasks. Altogether, the addition of these new roles has created new layers of responsibilities to daily routines - & most likely, has also added stress. Even though we cannot physically connect with others who are going through similar challenges, it is of vital importance to our well-being to stay in-touch with as many people as possible. We as humans are neurobiologically hard-wired to be connected with others in our species. And since so many of us cannot satisfy this need physically at this time, we are fortunate to be living in a time that technology is advanced in such a way as to help us to easily engage with others. It is of vital importance to give one-another support & to help keep each-other positive. Social Media is playing a very important role in keeping women - & all of us - connected with one-another as a society. All of our tech devices - smartphones, laptops, & tablets – have become the common thread to staying in touch with the rest of humanity. We truly all are IN THIS TOGETHER, & we need to reach-out to one-another to be reminded of that! Captus Systems would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the incredible, strong, resilient, brave, & beautiful women in our lives. THANK YOU!!! You are all Superheroes in so many ways! And to repeat Faith Salie once again, “You are the ESSENTIAL WORKERS of the SOUL!” With your loving support & strength - we WILL get through this! Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!

Video Conferencing Platforms:  Which Is Right for You?
Video Conferencing Platforms: Which Is Right for You?

Captus Systems’ main mission has always been to connect people - & at this unprecedented time, our ability to lend our expertise to help in making those critical connections is now more important than ever. Captus Systems has been running a twice-weekly series posted on our Social Media pages entitled “Remote Workforce Product Spotlight.” For each post, we’ve featured a different Video Conferencing Platform. Because this series has been so popular, we’ve combined all of the options within this one article for easy comparison. Here they are - in alphabetical order. Please share your feedback on our social media pages. Thank you! BLUEJEANS empowers your remote workforce with secure video conferencing, using Dolby Voice Audio & HD Video. It offers several different ways for its users to meet, including: Meetings, Rooms, Events, & Gateway. Each one of these features allows for particular video conferencing experiences – from small or large gatherings, to livestreaming interactive events. With the recent announcement that BlueJeans is being acquired by communications behemoth Verizon, this video conferencing tool will have the capacity to grow customer coverage & take this trusted platform to the next level. PUBLISHED PRICING: Free Trial version Standard is $9.99/month per host – Pro is $13.99/month per host – for Enterprise package, click here for quote CISCO WEBEX is a leading enterprise solution for video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, & webinars. Web conferencing & Cloud calling are seamless, & everyone you invite can join your online meeting - no matter how or from where they’re connecting. Enormous crowd? Not a problem! Cisco Webex meetings can accommodate up to 100,000 participants. Don’t need something quite as large? Basic Membership is free for life & can include 3 people. Additionally, Webex easily integrates with the apps you love to use every day, keeping all of your work connected. PUBLISHED PRICING: Free Basic version For full versions, packages run from $13.50/month per host - $26.95/ month per host For Enterprise package, click here for quote FACEBOOK’S MESSENGER ROOMS: On April 24th, Facebook announced its new video chat platform – “Messenger Rooms.” This platform will be accessed via FB Messenger, & up to 50 people can join the call. There’s even an option to invite your Instagram followers & your contacts on WhatsApp. There is no time-limit in place, & invitees do not need to have a FaceBook account. Messenger Rooms will be rolling-out across the globe in the coming weeks, so be sure to look for it! PUBLISHED PRICING: None at this time GOOGLE HANGOUTS & GOOGLE MEET: Google Hangouts is designed for text, voice, & video chats for social & personal connecting, & it’s free to use, as long as you have a Gmail account. Google Meet on the other hand, is Google’s enterprise-grade video conferencing tool, built on Google’s secure global infrastructure. “Meet” is included with "G Suite" & "G Suite for Education." If you don’t already have a G Suite Account, you’ll need to pay to set one up in order to use Hangouts or Meet. PUBLISHED PRICING: Basic is $6/ month per user – Business is $12/ month per user – Enterprise is $25 /month per user GO TO MEETING is an online meeting, desktop sharing, & video conferencing software package. This platform keeps all meeting participants in sync, by automatically adjusting to the available bandwidth and hardware resources of each user. Collaborate with multiple participants from anywhere in the world, across any platform or operating system: Mac, PC, iOS or Android. PUBLISHED PRICING: Professional is $12/month per organizer – Business is $16/month per organizer – for Enterprise package, click here for quote MERSIVE’S SOLSTICE ACTIVE LEARNING: Created with remote education in mind, Solstice Active Learning is easy to use, affordable, & has been deployed in some of the most prestigious universities worldwide. It provides software-based video routing & switching for multi-screen environments, such as active learning rooms, overflow spaces, & confidence monitors. The drag-and-drop interface allows users to virtually map rooms in minutes, & to route video in real-time - all using the Active Learning App. PRICE: Click here for quote MICROSOFT TEAMS is a unified communication and collaboration platform that combines chat, video meetings, file storage, & application integration. Instantly go from a group chat to a video conference with the touch of a button. Operating in Office 365 - all team conversations, files, meetings, & apps live together in a single shared workspace - & is portable on any mobile device. PUBLISHED PRICING: Free Basic version Upgrade to full version on MicroSoft 365 starts at $5/month per user SLACK: In Slack, since you don’t need a specific login, you won’t have to leave your work to start or join a call. Go from typing messages to making a video call with the click of a button. While in a video conference, you can show what you’re working on by sharing your screen, or you can hand over the reins to let someone else share theirs. In addition to data encryption in transit and at rest, Slack operates comprehensive compliance & assurance programs. PUBLISHED PRICING: Free Basic version Standard is $6.67/month per user – Plus is $12.50/month per use – for Enterprise package, click here for quote STARLEAF provides high definition voice & video conferencing systems in the Cloud, including conferencing endpoints for meeting rooms, desktops, & mobile. StarLeaf is perfect for all sectors in need of collaboration solutions…corporate, education, medicine, & personal. With easy one-to-one instant messaging & group chats, this platform has the ability to escalate any type of chat to a video call. PRICE: Click here for quote ZOOM is an easy & reliable Cloud Platform for video & audio conferencing, chats, & webinars. It provides a remote collaboration service - excellent for telecommuting, corporate training, webinars, education, virtual events & meet-ups, & most importantly - telemedicine. Currently, Zoom is offering many free tools to help everyone to stay connected during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Thank you Zoom! PUBLISHED PRICING: FREE Basic version Pro is $14.99/month per host – Business is $19.99/month per host – Enterprise is $19.99/month per host Click here for quote At Captus Systems, we are dedicated to our customers & always take special care to understand your needs…now, & in the coming weeks, months, & years. Let us help you to connect with your workforce in the way that makes the most sense for your organization. Captus Systems is here to help you to determine which of these platforms is the best choice for you - & to answer any other Audio-Visual Integration questions you may have. Yeah. Together, We’ve Got This!