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The ABCs of A-V FAQs

The ABCs of A-V FAQs Every industry has its own version of FAQs – & the Audio-Visual biz is no exception. Whether your organization is considering building a new – or upgrading a dated – Conference Room, Huddle Space, or Auditorium AV System – we’re sure you’ve got questions…& CAPTUS SYSTEMS has answers! FAQs to Consider When Planning Your Next AV Collaboration Space Project What is Audio-Visual Integration? Audio Visual Integration is the combining & incorporating of the followi

Back to School: Shorter Than a Goldfish?!

A recent study conducted by the Microsoft Corporation found that humans now have an attention span that’s shorter than the 9-seconds attributed to that of a goldfish! Our attention spans have decreased a whopping 33% in the past 2 decades – from 12-seconds in the year 2000, to a mere 8-seconds in 2019. With this in mind, the best way to pique a student’s interest is by conforming to an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality. And to that end – the best way to capture the attention & imaginat

Spotlight : Gerald Abualy, CEO & Managing Director of CAPTUS SYSTEMS

Gerald Abualy is the CEO and Managing Director of CAPTUS SYSTEMS, a leading Commercial Audio-Visual Design and Integration firm located in New York, USA. 1. Describe your journey in the AV industry? How did it start? In the 1990’s I was working for the third largest enterprise software company in the world. We had offices all over North America, and in more than 50 countries. One day, I was in the middle of a presentation to more than 40 people in the Conference Center and an additional 50+

Our CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ Team: Meet Felipe Linares

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is happy to introduce our Team Member – Felipe Linares. Felipe is a gifted Systems Integrator/AV Technician, & we are thrilled to have him as an integral part of our organization! CAPTUS: Why did you decide to join the CAPTUS SYSTEMS Team? FELIPE: I had the privilege of working with one of the founders of CAPTUS SYSTEMS at a previous job, where he quickly became one of my mentors in the Audio-Visual field. I decided to work at Captus Systems due to this close working relationship CAPTUS:

Made in the USA

Made in the USA! It’s that time of year again, when we wish a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to America, & celebrate with barbecues, beach parties, all matter of red-white-&-blue décor, & of course – FIREWORKS! Independence Day is upon us – a time when we all feel especially patriotic. CAPTUS SYSTEMS is proud to partner with companies that manufacture their products right here in the USA – & in the spirit of patriotism – we’d like to share some of them with you… Crestron – Leading manufacturer of advan

Audio Visual Architecture Design

We are CAPTUS SYSTEMS, & our mission is to Connect All People To Unified Solutions. Whether you need an Audio-Visual Solution for a small huddle space in one location, for large conference rooms up & down the many floors of your corporate headquarters, or for global connectivity between your team members from the four corners of the Earth…from Trenton to Tuscany – CAPTUS SYSTEMS does it all! What makes us different in the Audio-Visual Integration Industry is that We Lead With I.T. to EMPOWER P

Our CAPTUS SYSTEMS’ Team…Meet Ross Grantner

???????CAPTUS SYSTEMS welcomes Team Member – Ross Grantner. Ross joins us as a talented Field Engineer, & we are truly fortunate to have him on board! Ross comes to CAPTUS SYSTEMS with years of experience behind him. Starting-off his career as a contractor – installing phone, internet, & cable service – he made the decision early-on to migrate to a more technical role. To that end, Ross joined a small AV company – & after mainly working in the residential sector in the Hamptons for some time –

April 2019 Audio Visual Show List

CAPTUS SYSTEMS is dedicated to disseminating the most current AV news & information available, to our readers. To that end – please enjoy our updated list of the 2019 Audio-Visual Conferences & Trade Shows that are coming-up over the next 4 months. See for yourself – the newest, most advanced, ear & eye-popping AV technology of the year! (Moving forward, we’ll continue to post information about upcoming AV conferences at least once-a-month.) NAB Show:  Las Vegas, NV (April 6 – 11): nabshow.

How’d We Get Here?

How about a visit to one of 2019’s Audio-Visual Trade Shows? See for yourself – the newest, most advanced, ear & eye-popping AV products of the year. Below are just a few of the industry events being offered over the next few months:  (And, we’ll continue to post information about future conferences throughout the year.) NFMT:  Baltimore, MD, March 26 – 28, DSE (Digital Sign Expo):  Las Vegas, NV, March 26 – 29, NAB Show:  Las Vegas, NV, April 6 – 1

The Green New Deal

Green is in the news a lot lately – especially with the recent introduction of “The Green New Deal” to Congress, by NY’s Junior Senator, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Senator has taken-on this platform because of her firm belief that climate change is the “single biggest national security threat for the U.S. & the single biggest threat to worldwide industrialized civilization.” Although met with some opposition, Ocasio-Cortez’s plan really does mean well. It calls for eventually meeting 100% of