Month: September 2019

Fashion + AV = Va-Va-Va-VOOM!

Fashion + AV = Va-Va-Va-VOOM!          New York’s Fashion Week for Spring 2020 was held earlier this month & as usual, was a multi-sensory, smashing success! The over-the-top pageantry wowed audiences, fashionistas, buyers, industry leaders, & designers alike. Ever more present in these shows – in addition to the actual garments worn by ethereal models – is the role played by Audio-Visual Technology as an entertaining & off-time crucial cast-member. AV on the Catwalk:  From bright, pixel-ri

CAPTUS SYSTEMS: Connecting All People To Unified Solutions

What’s Important To You Is What’s MOST Important To Us… Exceptional AUDIO quality, crystal-clear VIDEO, EASE OF USE, unparalleled project management, and extraordinary customer service throughout. CAPTUS SYSTEMS is the first Audio-Visual Design Company founded to approach Audio-Visual Projects from an IT core. We are an AV Design & Build Firm that leads with Technology – and Delivers with People, High Ethics, and Professionalism. We have the expertise to design and deliver AV, IT, and Unifi

This Crestron Rep is a True Gem!

From L to R: Gerald Abualy – CEO & Managing Director, CAPTUS SYSTEMS; Marla Suttenberg – CEO, Sapphire Marketing; John Radocy – Senior Systems Engineer, CAPTUS SYSTEMS Recently, Marla Suttenberg – CEO of Sapphire Marketing – visited Gerry Abualy & John Radocy at our CAPTUS SYSTEMS main office. Ms. Suttenberg came-in to discuss the new offerings from Crestron, Digital Projection, & others – while also taking some time to reminisce about the many success stories enjoyed over their long & mutua

The SOUND of Music (Really Matters!)

The SOUND of Music (Really Matters!) September is CLASSICAL MUSIC Month, which brings “listening” to mind – which of course, brings speakers & sound quality to mind. If you’re not sitting in the actual audience at your local Philharmonic, then you’ll have to get your “Beethoven fix” elsewhere. The kinds of speakers that CAPTUS SYSTEMS installs are obviously dictated by the types & sizes of the spaces in which they’ll be utilized – & below are just a few examples… Ambience: Classical

Back to School: Shorter Than a Goldfish?!

A recent study conducted by the Microsoft Corporation found that humans now have an attention span that’s shorter than the 9-seconds attributed to that of a goldfish! Our attention spans have decreased a whopping 33% in the past 2 decades – from 12-seconds in the year 2000, to a mere 8-seconds in 2019. With this in mind, the best way to pique a student’s interest is by conforming to an “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” mentality. And to that end – the best way to capture the attention & imaginat